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We are a specialized practice with very special services.

Ours is one of the few general dental practices in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin offering intravenous (IV) sedation. We serve patients with a wide range of needs including those with dental phobias, anxiety, fear of shots, severe gag reflexes and complicated medical histories. In addition, we provide treatment to patients who seek IV sedation for the purpose of relaxation or convenience, thereby turning a stressful or lengthy appointment into a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Whatever the reasons- and regardless of how complex, simple or minimal the dental procedure - we make IV sedation available to any patient who requests it as long as you are fairly healthy.

We are committed to minimizing stress and maximizing safety. We are just as committed to eliminating pain. We'll minimize discomfort prior to starting the IV with local numbing medication. While your sedation is still in effect, we will give you pain medication to ensure that as you wake up (become aware of your surroundings), you will not be in any pain. Of course, the type of pain control will be determined on an individual basis per your needs. As you are discharged from our office after your dental treatment, we'll provide you with a prescription for adequate pain control as well.

Different Levels of Sedation for Different Needs

Intravenous sedation/conscious sedation is deeper, more reliable and controllable, and easily adjusted to each individual patient. This is in contrast to other typical dental office agents like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or pills (oral sedation) that only provide lighter levels of relaxation.

Mild or moderate sedation/procedural sedation in which you are awake but drowsy is a very effective way to relieve anxiety. With slightly deeper sedation, you will be breathing on your own while monitored but you will have no memory of your procedure when you wake.

The level of sedation will be adjusted according to your needs.

For those patients who do require general anesthetic (unconscious sedation), you can also be sedated in our office. In the event that general anesthetic is needed, the procedure will be done with an anesthesiologist while Dr. Wirth provides the dental services. In the event that your medical history precludes in-office treatment, Dr. Wirth will admit you to the hospital for services in the operating room.

Why IV or Conscious Sedation?

After having performed surgery or reconstruction on over one thousand dental/dental surgical patients in the hospital operating room, I questioned why it could only be accomplished there? The cost for hospital services was prohibitive for many patients. Over the years, I had thought to myself how dedicated those patients must be who "tough it out" in the office for lengthy treatment plans or even for a single stressful appointment whether emergency or routine. Some patients were actually terrified, but they endured it. I have had to admit some patients to the hospital only for the convenience of IV sedation or general anesthetic in order to relieve their anxiety. Finally I decided that they did not have to tough it out.

I thought there must be a better way and so, decided to offer IV sedation in my private office for those patients who were medically eligible or not seriously medically compromised.

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